Aloha Ideas is a social venture founded in 2014 through the social enterprise development program.

Our philosophy is one where technology is not only for satisfying vanity,

but that it will hold a greater value when it is managed to enhance everyone's lifestyle.


Creating social value 

Developing innovative products


작은 관심에서 시작되는 최선

Aloha Ideas takes a look at daily life to identity simple needs that if tackled from a different perspective can make small

but significann improvement.

Our aim is to think differently, helping to build a happier society.

Aloha Ideas will go through various stages to design and develop a product, one will provide greater harmony to everyone's life.

Furthermore, we will develop product, which is not out of place in people's exiting lifestyle 

and can be easily used on daily basis.






11    Best results award for an incubation company - 

        Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency. 


12    IT Female Entrepreneur, Innovative Software

        -Electronic News Company 

11    Excellence Award in Global Sector

         - Social Venture Competition

06    Patent Technology Award - korean IP Office



Special Article Reported by Bloter

Tombook was introduced by Bloter as a special article

11    Gained sponsorship from Korea Social Enterprise                promotion Agency to develop maketing.

10    Demonstrate Tombook at GITEX TECHNOLOGY                  WEEK - Dubai

10    Tombook demonstrate on KBS2 TV channel

09    Starting Voice Bucket Callenge to record celebrities              reading cheldrens story books for charity use.

09    Demostrated Tombook at TOKYO GIFT SHOW 2014

06    Hyundai Motors JungMongGu Foundation agreed             sponsored development of Tombook via H-on dream         Fellowship progamme

        H-on dream Fellow

04    Children's book illustrators cooperative demonstrates         Tombook at book fair

03    Aloha Ideas founded 


+82) 070-5001-1777






715, Tongil-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea







Posted on Naver
Posted on Naver

Aloha Ideas was posted on the NAVER main page in the section on public interests/shares on Nov. 17th 2014.

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Benefit Magazine
Benefit Magazine

The article about Aloha Ideas was reported in Benefit Magazine on Nov 10th 2014.

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Appearance on broadcasting
Appearance on broadcasting

Aloha ideas was appearance on broadcasting KBS2TV 'Live information source' on Oct 9th 2014.

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06    Incheon airport Duty-free shop, Success a incheon             duty-free shop paragraph 1, 2.

05    Small Business Distribution Center subjectivitiy                     enterprise public homeshopping supporting

         business selected. 

05    Success being part of the Happy Department

        Store HIT500 plaza. 

04    Small business Distribution Center subjectivity                     enterprise Marketing Innovation selected.

04    Small business Export Support Center supervise

        export Consortium business selected.

04    KOTRA supervise Domestic company export  

        Industrialize business selected

03    KBS2 Goodmorning Korea introduced Alohaideas.

01    EBS Creative Korea record 100 hours introduced                   Alohaieas.

        -Cheong wa dae and the Gwacheon National

         Science Museum Exhibition for Creative Economy              achievements.             

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